Neways・Superior Liquiceutical Bottling with Max Flash Technology™

Featuring Cold Aseptic Processing


As a distributor of several unique, fruit-based liquiceuticals, Neways International utilizes a new state-of-the-art bottling plant in Southern California called Aseptic Solutions USA. Credited with using the most significant food science innovation of the last 50 years・by the Institute of Food Technologists, this facility features our state-of-the-art cold aseptic processing with new Max Flash Technology™.

Outdated bottling methods involve pasteurizing liquid fruit products for 20 seconds at 90 degrees C and holding the product at elevated temperatures (above 66 C) until after the bottles are filled, using the hot product to sanitize the packaging. Max Flash Technology・employs ultra-high temperature (UHT) flash processing, which superheats our product for a very short time and then immediately cools it down to room temperature, after which the product is cold-filled into pre-sterilized packaging.

Max Flash Technology™ provides the following benefits:

Freshness: Max Flash Technology™ ensures maximum freshness for each ingredient by exposing our products to heat for the shortest duration possible. This quicker approach preserves the freshness of delicate liquid fruit products for months without refrigeration or artificial preservatives.

Flavor: Max Flash Technology™ protects and maintains sensitive fruit flavors better than any other bottling technique. The blending process is more flexible, allowing us to better emphasize our products・delicious natural fruit flavors. In addition to improving flavor, Max Flash Technology™ also helps preserve natural texture and color in fruit-based products.


Nutrient Integrity: The longer a pasteurized bottling process exposes volatile nutrients to heat, the more these nutrients break down and lose their effectiveness. Ultra-fast and efficient Max Flash Technology™ with cold aseptic processing preserves nutrients better than ever before. Compared to outdated pasteurized bottling techniques, Max Flash places far less thermal stress on delicate ingredients, thus preserving their integrity.

Safety: Max Flash Technology™ fills sterilized bottles with sterilized product within the confines of a sterile environment, which makes it virtually impossible for microbiological cells or spores, which cause product spoilage, to infiltrate the product. Unlike other manufacturers that rely on human handling, Max Flash Technology™ is fully automated, greatly reducing the chances of contamination.

Our new Max Flash Technology™ featuring cold aseptic processing represents a major advance over traditional pasteurized bottling techniques. This investment in the most modern, state-of-the-art technology reflects Neways・ongoing commitment to maximizing your health while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients. With safety and effectiveness in mind, our experts combine the best of science and nature to manufacture our products. With Max Flash Technology™, Neways is delivering the best in advanced liquiceutical products with the latest cold aseptic technology.