Sponsoring in the Singapore Market

Here is some useful information on how to sponsor and build your organization in Singapore. Build a global business with Neways!

How to Guide

Singapore FAQ

  • Is there a Distributor Sign-Up fee?

    It’s free.  (However a new distributor who does not purchase 250PV or above when he/she signs up, he/she is required to pay SGD30/USD23.61 for the starter kit.)
  • Is there a Starter Kit, and how much is it? What is in the Starter Kit?

    Yes there is, it costs SGD30 (USD23.61). 

    The starter kit includes;

     Code of Ethics and Conduct, CASE CPFTA, Product catalog, Corporate Overview DVD, Business Tools CD, Customer receipt, DAF S’pore and Compensation plan.

  • How long does it to take to process the Distributor application form?

    It takes 1 business day. 
  • How will I be notified if/when they are accepted?

    New distributors can immediately receive Distributor Identification Card after the application form and agreement have been completed at SG office. 

If you need more information please contact the local office.

Address: Singapore Corporate Showcase

              545 Orchard Road #14-08 Far East Shopping Center

              Singapore, 238882

Phone: 65 6227 1600

Fax: 65 6235 5339

Email: enquiry@neways.com.sg

Website: http://www.neways.com.sg