How much more do you want to earn per month? You can make it happen with Neways.

How? It’s called transfer buying. Using your usual monthly budget for personal care, household, and nutritional products, switch from the brands you usually buy, and purchase superior Neways products instead.

You get paid for shopping. When you and your friends shop at your local store, you don’t get any of that money back, but when you shop through Neways, the money flows back to you.

It’s simple. Just get three who get three and start making money. When each person transfer-buys $150 U.S. per month, you earn 10% up to four levels deep and 5% on an additional two levels.

You can get started today. Simply become a Neways distributor, switch your purchases to Neways, and invest a little time to find others who will do the same. Soon, you’ll be writing your own check.

Note: The numbers presented apply to Neways distributors in the United States. The Neways opportunity and compensation plan vary by market. For more information on how Neways works in other markets, please visit one of our respective country sites.