I have been with Neways for seven years now and for the first time in my sixty-five years of life I have no money worries. It is great to be able to do the things that are important to you and not have to consult a budget. I could never keep to a budget anyhow! It is a privilege to be able to tell others about this great business and how they can create wealth while regaining their health and vitality with the unique products.
Lee Lipscomb - Niceville, Florida

My 14 year association with Neways International has given me what I consider to be a phenomenal success story. I am enjoying the numerous benefits of a consistent long-term residual income, doing what I want, when I want, and how I want. In addition, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my fourth fully paid for vehicle... THANK YOU NEWAYS! Soon I will be proudly driving a Prius hybrid electric car, reflecting perfectly the NEWAYS hallmark of innovation and safety.

I have gratefully used all the Neways products religiously for the past fourteen years, and I feel fantastic! This incredible level of health and vitality, combined with the reality of long-term residual income with Neways, has given me a passion and zest for life I can hardly contain! It is my dream and goal that every person on earth learn about this incredible company, the products and the opportunity that Neways presents.
Cindy Sheppard - British Columbia, Canada

For the past 10 years my teeth have been so sensitive that I've had a very difficult time eating or drinking anything that is very hot or very cold. Almost two years ago I started using Neways Radiance toothpaste and Eliminator mouthwash. Within two weeks I started noticing that the cold didn't bother me nearly as much. After a couple more weeks I could, and still can, eat or drink anything I want hot or cold. I'm not sure which product did the trick, or if it was the combination of both, but I do know it's great to be able to eat and drink as I please without pain.

I like to share my experience with prospects. It's so easy to be enthusiastic about products that you know work.
Russ Peterson - Plattsmouth, Nebraska