The Neways Mission

Neways’ mission is simple: to enhance the health, wealth, and well-being of people around the world.

A Brief History of Neways

The Neways story began more than 25 years ago. When our founders discovered that many mainstream personal-care products contained potentially harmful ingredients, they decided to create a line of alternative products without questionable ingredients.

After our start in 1987, Neways quickly grew beyond the original vision for our company. We added health and wellness products to our line, and in 1997 we launched our exclusive liquid mineral supplement called Maximol Solutions, which quickly became Neways’ number-one product. Powered by the strength of Maximol, Neways Japan opened in 2001 and became that country’s third-largest network-marketing company within five years. In 2003, Neways moved into a new corporate headquarters in Springville, Utah.

Building upon our early success, Neways has emerged as an industry leader. In 2006 Neways was acquired by new owners, heralding the beginning of a new era at Neways, including an expansion of our manufacturing and distribution facilities. Today, Neways creates healthy homes all over the world by avoiding more than 3,000 controversial ingredients and providing exclusive, life-changing products.