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Neways Company History
Neways Company History

Established in 1992 in Salem, Utah, Neways creates, manufactures, and distributes an extensive line of quality, safety-conscious personal care products, nutritional supplements, and household products, all of which contain only the safest ingredients.

From the beginning, Neways has been concerned about controversial ingredients used in many consumer products and has educated consumers about these concerns. By combining the best of science and nature, Neways strives to maximize people’s health and beauty while minimizing their exposure to potentially controversial ingredients.

In 28 countries around the world, independent Neways distributors share the products with their friends, family members, and acquaintances. Neways distributors not only enjoy the benefits of safe products but can also earn income by taking advantage of Neways’ lucrative compensation plan.

Through the company’s Healthy Homes™ effort, Neways provides four key benefits:

  • Making bodies healthier with safety-conscious Neways products
  • Making finances healthier through the Neways business opportunity
  • Making communities healthier through humanitarian efforts
  • Making the planet healthier through environmental responsibility.
Product Lines

Neways helps people maximize their health and beauty while minimizing their exposure to potentially controversial ingredients. With safety and effectiveness in mind, Neways’ experts combine the best of science and nature to formulate advanced nutritional, personal care, and household products. Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.

  • Health & Wellness—Includes nutritional, weight management, and fitness products
  • Personal Care—Includes cosmetics, skin care, hair care, dental care, and aromatherapy products
  • Household—Includes household, laundry, and automotive products

Neways distributors come from every walk of life. They continually drive Neways’ constant worldwide growth by sharing information and products with their friends, family, and communities. Without distributors, the company would not enjoy the success it continues to experience. The following statistics reveal more about Neways distributors:

  • 35% are college graduates, and 75% have attended some college
  • Average age range is 35–54, and 75% are female
  • Approximately 500,000 distributors are active worldwide

Neways employs nearly a thousand people worldwide, including several hundred at corporate headquarters in Springville and Salem, Utah. The executive management team members have several decades of combined experience in their various specialties.

Worldwide Scope

Neways is a leader in the network marketing industry, both domestically and internationally. Nine corporate offices facilitate these operations worldwide:

  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan

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