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Getting Started With Neways

What is Neways?

A: The Neways story began more than twenty years ago, when the founders decided to create effective products without the potentially harmful ingredients found in ordinary household and personal care products. Today, Neways is a privately owned corporation distributing products to 23 countries worldwide. Its unprecedented growth and unmatched business model have helped Independent Distributors around the world achieve financial independence, greater freedom, and improved health. To learn more, talk to a Neways Distributor or click on Contact Us.


Q: How many products does Neways offer?

A: We offer more than 200 different products in three major categories; Health and Wellness, Personal Care, and Household. Our product offering has something for everyone with safe alternatives for everyday products.


Q: What are the benefits of being a Neways distributor?

A: The benefits of Neways are numerous-starting simply with a member discount on our exceptional-quality products to income from our generous compensation plan, a car and home office bonus program, and cash bonuses. If travel is your style, then earn your place on one of Neways many exotic getaways and challenges. There is something to suit everybody among our list of benefits.


Q: How do I join?

A: Neways products are sold through networks of Independent Distributors. To become a distributor, you must be sponsored into the company by a Neways Independent Distributor. Your sponsor will help assist you with the sales support and training you need along with resources available from Neways to make your own Neways business successful. For more information on becoming a Neways Independent Distributor, please contact the person who referred you to our site, or contact us directly at opportunity@neways.com or by phone at 1-800- 998-7298.


Q: What does it cost to sign up?

A: There is a registration fee of $19.95 for new distributors. This fee will cover the new Getting Started Pack sent to all new distributors. Preferred customers will still be able to register for free. If new distributors subscribe to a 150 PV Direct Ship at the time of enrollment, the registration fee will be waived.

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